Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! Push!

Eureka Assortment, “A Tradesmans Best Friend” has recently been founded and backed by a major engineering component manufacturer and supplier, allowing Eureka Assortment to grow rapidly, ensuring flexibility and orientated by customer demand.

Eureka Assortment is able to offer a comprehensive range of assortment kits that fit the broad spectrum of tradesman/manufactures needs.

Eureka Assortments have quickly become known for a high quality engineered products.

Eureka Assortment are meeting the needs of the market with supplying components to nearly every industry possible.  Amongst others these markets include: textile, packaging, machine shops, general business, exercise equipment, agricultural, off road vehicles, commercial transportation, cars, planes, trains and many more other industries.

Our engineering team have the expertise and field experience necessary to assist with design, troubleshooting, or to simply answer questions. Our engineers will work with you to develop practical and cost effective solutions to all of your kitting needs.

Our mission is to continue to grow our business, by responding to our customers, working with our suppliers, and offering flexible and adaptable solutions to each parties needs.

Eureka Assortments